There is a growing demand for freelance writers. More and more companies are outsourcing freelance writers who are good at their job. There are thousands of freelance writing sites, all ready to pay. In this article I will highlight the top freelance writing sites that I have personally used.
Good thing about freelance writing is you get to set your own working hours, decide on your rates and charges, basically become your own boss. You could even be on vacation in Bali and still work on your craft.
For most beginner writers, it takes a lot of patience and resilience. It'll seen like a lot of hustling at first, but once you get used to it, you can make a lot of money through freelance writing.
Among the sites that offer freelance writing jobs are:


If you are a language whizz then Moravia is a great place to find a writing job. It is especially convenient to those who have mastered several languages.
Moravia has been running for years and has gained a large pool of clients from all over the world. These clients go to Moravia in order to help them with their translation needs.
For you to qualify as a translator, you need to take a short test that will examine your typing speed, listening ability and your knowledge of the English grammar.
Moravia is a great site to begin your freelancing.


SalesFolk is the place to go if you're interested in the marketing world.
This is a site that specializes in marketing through creating engaging email writings. SalesFolk has perfected their skill in securing high lead generation rates for their clients. Their track record is beyond impressive which in turn makes their client base grow bigger and bigger by the day.
The technical use of AI has helped streamline their copywriting. This is just one of the varied analysis techniques SalesFolk uses to ensure their clients get the best service.
For a while now the site has been looking to fill writing positions so visit the website and try your luck.

Journalism jobs

This site can serve as a great entry into a journalism career.
Journalism Jobs has a lot of writing positions. It gives out varied tasks based on journalistic ventures.
They also offer editing jobs to those who are good with language and style. The editing jobs are easy money because you get paid to correct other people's work.
If you're an engaging writer then you are in great luck because Journalism Jobs also offers Ad copywriting.


Enago is a website that provides editing jobs for aspiring writers who have a deep appreciation for language. They employ editors from all over the world.
Good news is that you don't even have to be a native English speaker. As long as you are good with the English grammar you are good to go. The website offers a variety of editing services that range through different subjects.
Most jobs on this website are based on expertise so once you figure out yours you can start making money.
Some of the subject domains include: natural and clinical sciences, physics and business management, humanities and social sciences.
For you to become an editor, you have to be good at grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, word choice correct terminology, coherence and correctness of content.

If you believe you have those skills then you should try Enago for an editing job.

Morning Coffee Newsletter

This is a website that sends you automatic job alerts for freelance writing jobs. What's more, these alerts are sent every morning.
The jobs the site features are those that are exclusively sent to In addition to that,
they also research and handpick jobs from popular freelancing sites such as ProBlogger, CraigsList, Indeed and others.
You have to be a subscriber for you to receive your weekly digest. It saves you the effort of looking for copywriting and writing jobs.

Thanks to their newsletters, you can sit back, relax and wait for a job to be sent to you.

Freelance Blogging on Job Board

Becoming a writer for most freelancing sites has somewhat the same procedure. It entails filling out a lengthy form and questionnaire. If you are accepted by the site as a writer(not always 100%
guaranteed), you then create a job profile for yourself on the site's dashboard. This gives your clients information about you so they know what you're about before they commission you a task. After
everything is set up you can now start working, and receive peanuts for you are just but a beginner writer.
Job Board is amazing for every job opportunity pays at least $50 or 10 cents per word.


This is without a doubt the biggest professional social network and one of the best places to put up your CV for the world to see. Prospective clients go to LinkedIn to find professionals from any given field.
Networking on LinkedIn requires an up-to-date profile with detailed information on your skills, talents and job experiences. Building connection is a huge step towards becoming a well-established copywriter or freelance writer.
You can also join freelance writing groups that help you gain access to a whole new level of opportunities.
Some of these groups include:
The Freelance Writer's Connection  - The group has a network of more than 10,000 members. It provides community support, networking opportunities and freelance writing expertise.

Affiliated Authors - This group is best for promoting your writing and meeting self-published authors. It teaches you and gives you guidelines on what it takes to become a success.

LinkEds & Writers - Biggest LinkedIn group for editors, writers and proofreaders. Within this group are
several subgroups dedicated to various specialties. These subgroups make it easy to connect with people from a specific field, whichever field that Sparks your interest.

Books and Writers - If you are looking to market your work to other authors then this group is a must try. The group caters to network and promote writer's articles.

Becoming a freelance writer doesn't have the easiest of beginnings, like most jobs. It might be quite the hustle at first. You might not know how best to negotiate your rates, or how to maintain your own blog.
You might even be out of work sometimes, but it is all part of the process.
If you do everything right and persevere enough, then you will get to dictate your own rates, and also work whenever and wherever. If you want to try freelance writing then I suggest you start with the
above websites, they will heighten your chance at making it in this soon to be crowded industry.
Best of luck!


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