Top 7 book editing tools 2020

If you were to ask any author or writer which part of the writing process they could do without the answer would without a doubt be editing.
Writing on its own is a very torturous process that leaves a writer drained both mentally and physically. It is therefore very discouraging to think that after endless days of writing, you still have to go through your work once it's done. It's the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it easy to do. This is why most writers prefer to work with professional editors. Having an editor however does not mean that you can send them a messy draft, you still have to go through it yourself a couple of times.
There are very many online editing tools that'll help you edit your book to as close as perfection. In this article I will briefly cover the 7 best online editing tools in 2020. These tools help with the various aspects of the editing process;

  • Readability
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Repetitiveness
  • Logic
  • Background information

1. Autocrit

AutoCrit editing software

AutoCrit is an automated editing tool that's different from other editing softwares. It analyses your entire draft/manuscript and once done it gives you helpf insights on how to improve your work.
Some of the errors caught by AutoCrit include repetition, pacing & momentum, word choice, strength in writing and many more. You might find yourself rethinking most sentences if not all after you read the thorough report presented by this tool.

2. After the deadline

after the deadline editing tool

After The Deadline mainly focused on the context of your writing. It is different and more efficient than inbuilt grammar checkers.
It underlines all potential issues after analyzing your text. It also provides useful insights on how to fix the corrections and how to generally make your text flawless. These insights and suggestions help you become a better writer for they sharpen your skill.

3. Hemingway app

hemingway editor

This editing tool works on your writing style by making it simpler and more captivating to your readers.
For you to become a writer it means that you must be very good with language and are probably very familiar with big phrases and vocabularies. Some writers think that showing off your vocab prowess is what intrigues a reader but they are wrong. This may even distract a reader from focusing on the story. Hemingway App helps with the style and flow of your writing.

4. Wordrake

wordrake logo editor

The thing about draft manuscripts is that they are always very wordy. This is because some writers think that the best way to express yourself is by using as many words as possible. Well this is far from the truth. Using too many words creates what is known as sticky sentences that contain sticky words. These are words that are unnecessarily used before getting to the subject or main point or main idea of a sentence.
WordRake does exactly what its name suggests. It rakes out sticky words from your text this increasing your awareness. You can make a better and stronger impression to your readers when you use fewer words and meaningful sentences.

5. Ninja essays

Ninja essays

This is an online essay writing service that provides professional editors for hire to writers at a small fee.
This team delivers top notch services at very affordable rates. Unlike other book editing tools, Ninja Essays allows you to directly communicate with your editor. This means that you can ask questions and have them explain to you why they decide to make certain corrections. You can also share your opinions and work hand in hand in turning your work into a masterpiece. This means your book will be polished while incorporating your style and approach.

6. Smartedit


This online editing tool is best suited for authors of novels and short stories.
Good news is that you don't have to cut your text into several sections for the SmartEdit to properly analyse it. It runs a total of 20 individual checks on your writing. Having done that it highlights the mistakes and errors in your manuscript. These mistakes may include missed it misspelled words, repetition, use of passive voice and adverbs and many more.
As much as SmartEdit will help you sniff out the flaws in your content, it does not 100% replace a human editor.

7. Prowritingaid


ProWritingAid helps you improve the readability of your content by pointing out and fixing all grammar issues. Some of these issues may include repetition, writing style, correct use of phrases, sentence length, among many more.
The free version of this editing tool allows you to analyse a manuscript of up to 3000 words. Imagine the much you could accomplish with the premium version.

As much as online grammar checker tools are great for editing, you shouldn't place your total trust in them. The versatility that comes with editing tools enables them to polish your writing in different sectors but a human set of eyes adds the glitter.
The theory that technology surpasses man's knowledge does not apply to editing tools. Editing tools should just be helpers and not replacements for human editors.
The stages of using a book editing tool may seem a lot but don't put yourself under a lot of pressure. You don't have to aim for perfection. An editing tool simply lightens the workload of an editor.
I however still highly recommend using online book editing tools as a partner in your writing workflow or process.

Mike J

Mike J. - native English writer and copywriter for last 10 years.

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